POPULAR Skeem Saam actor Cornet Mamabolo is currently nursing his fractured arm at home.

This after the talented actor, who plays the role of Thabo “T’bose” Maputla on the drama series, was injured while mountain biking.

Speaking to Daily Sun, he said he was recovering well.

“I am doing well; it’s nothing major. I fell down while cycling and then started to experience pain hours later. It was discovered that I had a fracture, which is why I have a cast on. Doctors say I’ll put it on for the next few weeks, but by October my arm should be healed,” he said.

The 31-year-old also revealed that he had taken a break from filming the show due to the injury.


The actor, whose character just married his long-term girlfriend Mapitsi Magongwa, said his storyline was going to be exciting in the next few days.

“The couple is going on honeymoon, and will come back to the shocking news of T’bose getting an opportunity overseas. This is going to cause a lot of back and forth between them, and the drama will test their marriage,” he said.

Cornet, who is also a family man in real life, said there were certain aspects of his personal life that he used on the show.

“On an emotional level, T’bose is very different from me. But, there are certain references I take from my personal life. I also execute my role well because of the cast and crew as they help me dig deeper emotionally.”

After being on the show since its inception, the actor said his journey had been amazing, and he was proud of the growth.