ACTOR Patrick Seleka, popularly known for his role as Katlego “Kat” Peterson on Skeem Saam, has opened up about verbally abusing his wife, Mmabaneng Seleka.

Patrick made the confession in an Instagram live video, that has since been widely circulated.

In the now-deleted video, the actor revealed the main reason his wife was battling depression was because of him, and that he had not been there for her.

He said this started at the beginning of their marriage.

“I wasn’t a good person. I was very bad to her. This to a point where she ended up losing her job. A lot happened. I did a lot. I have been very emotionally abusive. It took me a while to see what I was doing to her. I have said a lot, and done a lot to her. The one sad thing is, I keep doing it. I am not fixing and making things work – I am making things worse,” he said.

He also confessed to speaking to his ex-partners.

“I have done a lot – talking to exes on my phone using Facebook. That has put a strain on her, and what hurts the most is I haven’t been there for her throughout this ordeal. I was focused on work, and not actually being home to help her. She ended up taking anti-depressants,” he said.


In the video, Patrick also urged other men not to put their wives through a similar experience as it was wrong.

He also apologised for everything he had done to Mmabaneng, adding that he would try his best to make things right.

“I’m coming out to her and her family. I humbly apologise, and I will do my level best to do what is right for her. It has been a long journey, from years ago where I ended up making her lose her job and a lot of things she owned. I want to make things right between us, and I hope that one day, everything will be good and I will be able do right by her,” he said.

The actor said he was broken.

“There would be sleepless nights where she would be crying because I haven’t been there for her. Things I have done to her are destroying my wife, and these are things I should not do to someone I love. I humbly apologise to my wife for the things I have done – for Facebook and texting girls, and being verbally and emotionally abusive towards her. I hope that one day she will forgive me, and I pray to God that she does because things are now out of hand and it hurts.”