Rapper and singer Sjava, real name Jabulani Hadebe released a statement, in which denied allegations of abuse and sexual assualt.

His ex-girlfriend Lady Zamar recently made shocking allegations on Twitter that have been since deleted, where she revealed she was in an abusive relationship. 

The singer did not mention anyone's name but social media users decided to link them both to her claims.

In an interview with Daily Sun after the social media posts, the Collide hit maker said she spoke about it, because she wanted to help young girls.

“My purpose is to help young girls understand abuse and fight it head on. I’ve been doing these motivational talks for longer than I’ve been a musician,” she said.

“My message is that you should not allow anyone to take away your identity. No one should label you or rewrite your story and define your emotions.”

Meanwhile, Sjava has said he no longer wants to talk about this matter, because it's now in the hands of the court.

His statement reads: "As a final statement on this matter, I write to you as my colleague, business partner, peers and supporters. To inform you that I will not be engaging on the matter of false allegations of assault and abuse leveled against me on social media or any platform, because I have instituted legal proceedings in the High Court of South Africa and as such, the matter is sub judice".