On Thursday, songstress Simphiwe Dana handed herself over to the police, where she was detained in the holding cells.

This follows assault charges that she has laid against her ex-fiance Leshoto Itsweng.

The songwriter has alleged that the businessman assaulted her.

She detailed the ordeal on Instagram on December 27th, “This guy spat in my face. Strangled me. Told me he would slit my throat and get away with it,” she shared in part.

Dana proceeded to lay charges of assault and intimidation at the Norwood Police Station against him.

On 13 January, she was informed that her assailant had laid counter charges against her, of assault and crimen injuria. On Thursday, she handed herself over at the police station.

Dana shared a statement on social media that details the actions of both her and her ex. The statement also says the charges against the singer were dropped and she was released after the prosecutor declined to prosecute the case.

In the statement, she shared her disappointment with the criminal justice system on its treatment of gender-based violence victims. 

She shared in part: “My experience has been a disturbing revelation about how the criminal justice system can be manipulated to re-victimize and harass victims of intimate-partner abuse. There appears to be an increasing trend of abusers laying counter-assault charges against their victims as an intimidation tactic.”

She concluded by saying that she will see her case through to the end.