MUSIC superstar Rihanna has given a thumbs up maskandi singer Mbuzeni Mkhize’s remake of her 2012 mega-hit ‘Diamonds.

’The Sowetan reports that Mkhize and the pop queen,who was recently named the world’s richest female musician, will record a collaboration this coming December.

Mbuzeni’s rare opportunity when he performed in Instanbul, Turkey last year.

A video of him performing his version of the song called 'Khazimula' was recorded there and ended up being seen by the Barbados-born superstar.

Mkhize, who hails from Mkomazi, south east of KwaZulu-Natal told the paper that he was shocked when he was contacted by Rihanna's team.

The song, tipped to be a love song will be recorded in the United States and Mbuzeni has already began working on the song.

"Rihanna could have chosen any person to work with her. But she choose me out of hundreds of maskandi artists. For that, I am honoured and humbled. I thank my ancestors for the gift [of singing].” he told the paper.

Last month Mbuzeni lost to Sgwebo Sentambo in the Best Maskandi Album category at the SA Music Awards but is destined to take the genre to the international stage in a big way.