BROADCASTER Sandile van Heerden is excited about becoming a father.

Sandile and his partner Reitumetse Mpholle are expecting their first child together.

Speaking to Daily Sun, Sandile said he was over the moon when he found out.

“I was excited because I am an orphan, and have never had my own blood relatives. I moved around in foster care,” he said.

“When Reitumetse told me we were expecting, my mind went straight to the fact I’ll finally experience what it feels like to have someone who shares your blood.”

However, Sandile said the fear of the unknown also crept in.

“This is because it’s such a big responsibility. I started questioning myself and wondering if everything was in order,” he said.


Sandile and Reitumetse got traditionally married a few months ago when he paid lobola.

The Kaya 959 sports presenter said they were expecting a girl.

He said although the journey had been amazing, they were being careful due to the pandemic.

“The first trimester was the roughest because that is when she experienced morning sickness.

“Once she got out of it, things became easier. Everything has been blissful ever since. We can’t wait to hold our baby girl in our arms.”

Sandile said he was looking forward to raising a respectful and well-mannered child.

“I wish to give her everything she desires, but not to spoil her. I pray that God keeps me and my partner around for a long time, so she doesn’t experience being an orphan too,” he said.

“Overall, I am looking forward to raising a beautiful child in a healthy and warm home,” he added.