It never rains, but pours for embattled US singer R. Kelly.

This time, it is being reported that he has no visitors other than his remaining girlfriend, Jocelyn Savage.

According to tabloid publication, The Blast, the star is lonely in jail, as no family or friends are visiting him while he remains behind bars.

Jocelyn is apparently the only one visiting the star, who is facing a string of sexual abuse related charges.

Meanwhile, R. Kelly is fighting to be released on bail.

In court documents obtained by the publication, Kelly’s lawyer wrote a letter demanding the identities of “Jane Does” listed in the criminal indictment.

Kelly accuses the government of not providing the names and preventing him from building his defense. He wrote, “They cannot have it both ways - arguing that he should not be released on bail because of obstructive behaviour and then arguing that even though he was not released on bail there is a danger of obstructive behaviour. It is apparently a vortex from which he cannot escape.”