South Africa has been faced with heavy rains and thunderstorms over the weekend, affecting mostly the Eastern Cape and Durban. 

Families saw their homes collapse as the heavy rains resulted in flooding. 

Officials have called out for help to assist in Port St Johns and Umlazi.

Artists such as Prince Kaybee and Mampintsha have started donating to the families affected and are calling for everyone to be of assistance.

“Donating 150k to the families that lost their homes in Umlazi, it's not enough so if you inspired by this post join me lets rebuild Ulmazi. #PrayForDurban #PrayForUmlazi”, The producer wrote.

Mampintsha has also pledged to help the families that have been affected by the floods, he took to social media to spread the word.

“Umlazi is my home I will also be donating towards the families that lost their homes ngasekhaya, even if you’re not from Umlazi and you are not affected but have a good heart and join me lets rebuild Ulmazi. #PrayForDurban #PrayForUmlazi”The floods have killed around 21 people in KZN.