AMAPIANO’S dominance means bad news for producers and DJs in other genres.

House producer and DJ Prince Kaybee took to social media on Wednesday, 1 December, to share that his recent album did not do well because people now wanted amapiano.

The topic was started when a tweep said he felt like his album wasn’t pushed well, and Prince Kaybee agreed.

The Fetch Your Life producer said people have been asking him to get into amapiano.

“Yes, it fumbled, but part of it is the dominance of amapiano, of which the majority of people want. While playing at a club two weeks ago a woman approached me, asking when was I playing it and why I was not dancing like Uncle Waffles,” he wrote.


Tweep Jabber SA asked how it was like to compete with amapiano, and Prince Kaybee said he enjoyed the challenge.

“I love being challenged; it’s beautiful. There’s something about being under pressure that turns me on, not sexually but competitively. So it’s game on for me. If you guys don’t like a song, we move on to the next one and continue,” he said.

Another tweep Togatsi asked if this then signalled the death of house music.

“In South Africa maybe. But I no longer do music to survive, so it doesn’t really affect me. It’s just the love that’s keeping me in studio,” he replied.