NTSIKI Mazwai is being flooded with photos of 4-5s. And now she has pleaded with the men of Mzansi to stop sending her the pictures, as they disgust her. The trouble started on Wednesday when she made a post on Twitter saying she’s horny all the time.

“Ladies, the older you get, the more problematic your vagina gets. It just has a mind of its own from 30 onwards and I expect at the age of 40, it will get more hectic,” she wrote.

Ntsiki said men soon started offering her help to feel less horny. Yesterday, she took to Twitter to ask them to stop sending her 4-5 photos.

“Brothers, please stop sending me your 4-5s. Part of patriarchy and toxic masculinity is that women can’t express themselves sexually without inviting perverts,” she wrote.

Speaking to Daily Sun, Ntsiki said women should have the right to express their sexuality without being judged.

“I’m taking ownership of what a powerful woman does and says. Men are never shamed for expressing their sexuality. In fact, they are applauded,” she said.

“I think as someone who has always stood for the rights of women, it’s part of my journey to use myself as a voice for some of the things we need to change about society.”

Ntsiki said rape culture and toxic masculinity came from a place where women had no power over their bodies or sexuality.