TOP DJ and Radio 2000 host Phat Joe was not at work again this week.

Phat Joe, real name Majota Khambule, co-hosts the Phat Joe and The Family show with Nala Tose.

Sunday Sun reported last week how he had been bunking work since January following the December holidays.

But he was also not at on Wednesday and Thursday.

Phat Joe couldn’t be reached for comment.

However, SABC insiders said he had communicated to his boss and station manager Chris Choane about his absence but listeners still felt short-changed.

Said the informant: “Chris spoke to him about him missing work. When he reported for duty on Monday, listeners were happy, because they missed him.”

According to another mole, the motormouth DJ had an interview scheduled with the world-renowned Ndlovu Youth Choir on Thursday, but was nowhere to be found.

“Both he and Nala were not at work on Thursday.

David Mashabela stood in for him and did the interview.

“Listeners were again upset. They think he doesn’t take them seriously.

“I really don’t know what could be wrong with him as the guy doesn’t even drink.

“We could say maybe he has a lifestyle problem,” said the staffer.

Choane couldn’t be reached for comment.

SABC spokesperson, Mmoni Seapolelo, said: “Mr Majota Khambule, like any of the SABC employees and Independent Contractors, is entitled to take some time off work and was off-air for two days this week, on Wednesday and Thursday and was back on air on Friday.”

Meanwhile, angry listeners took to social media to vent their frustration.

@_makagwe_ tweeted: Phat Joe absent again. What’s the alternative station ya’ll listening to?

Tweeted @Mimi Adorn: He never tells us what he’s been busy with or where he’s been. I feel disrespected.

@SnepyXvii posted: Phat Joe in and out of radio while we are tryi8ng to get in.