HIP HOP and R&B artist Pasika Maseko is making music for the ’90s youth.

The 30-year-old recently released a song called Leaders, which is meant to encourage the youth to look up to heroes such as Nelson Mandela, Steve Biko and Martin Luther King.

Pasika said as the ’90s youth, they don’t have heroes from their era.

“This song is to let my peers know that we should never be discouraged, and that we’re our own heroes and own leaders,” said Pasika.

“Every young person born in the ’90s deserves to hear this song.

“Nelson Mandela, Steve Biko and even Martin Luther King weren’t born in the ’90s, but their revolution and stories are classic.

Pasika is based in Australia, but is originally from South Africa and was partially raised in Joburg.


He described his sound as “urban”.

“This is how authentic black music is described back in Australia,” he said.

He understands that the word urban carries a different meaning in Mzansi.

He’s now preparing to come home and focus on his music career.

His inner city upbringing has helped shape, cultivate and solidify his growing interest in urban music according to the artist.

“I feel my music is best understood in South Africa, hence my plan to return,” he told SunBuzz. I plan to release my album in South Africa.”

As an artist of many talents, Pasika writes lyrics that speak to the soul, painting a picture using melodies, metaphors, raw emotion and redefining pure expression with compelling storytelling.