Ntsiki is still trending at number ONE for her boobs.

This is after she posted a picture of herself and her friends yesterday evening with the aim of encouraging women to embrace their bodies.

Speaking to Daily Sun, Ntsiki said she was hiking when a thought about her removing her top came to mind.

"I did and wow, it's so liberating," said Ntsiki.

Ntsiki told Daily Sun that she's disappointed and disgusted with how people are criticizing her, while two of her friends where also topless. 

"First of all, this is Africa and it's hot. Secondly, we really need to start questioning ourselves as a country. I don't care who says what but the next generation of the current 2000 babies will be walking topless in a next fear years," said Ntsiki. 

She said she's proud of her body and that Twitter was just the first level.

"I'm still going to remove my top regardless of what people have to say. This is how God made me and I love my body," she tweeted.

 Fans are happy with her picture but some told her to keep her boobs to herself.