CONTROVERSIAL personality, Nontsikelelo 'Ntsiki' Mazwai is at it again!

She is famously known for stepping on people toes by sharing her views.

The poet and presenter of Show Me Love on MojaLove is a fan of expressing her view and this time News Anchor Leanne Manas is at the receiving end of Ntsiki opinion.

She doesn’t think that Leanne is amazing at her job and thinks it is just 'white privilege' and she is enjoying it. 

She took to social media to share how unimpressed she is with Leaanne and went as far as claiming that she is not African.

On her tweet, she said the anchor who has been on Morning Live for years now can’t even speak indigenous languages.

On her post, she wrote Leanne’s surname wrong. 

It didn’t take long for Leanne to give Ntsiki some attention and returned the favour by addressing her as “Ntiski” and said everyone is entitled to their opinion.

No I don't think Leanne Manna is amazing at her job- I think she is just white. And enjoying privilege. She can't even speak indigenous languages. She is not African.