The award-winning actress Nokuthula Mavuso took to Twittter to reveal why she quit a family church. 

The former Rhythm City star said: “Konje I quit the family church AFM after an elder sent a whole lot of teenage girls home for wearing short skirts. Ba di gcebhezana ga ba boele morao. Why? Ra disturb-a. The men had complained. Anything above the knee was unacceptable. Mom tried but I wasn't having it.”

She said she always had issues and questions at church.

She added that: “Women were only allowed to be on a pulpit on Mother’s Day. Women were mainly supporters of the ministry. I was raised by a woman who drummed equality into my head. 'Does God not appreciate women preaching the word?' I had questions.

“I enjoyed Sunday school though. Brother Hendrick made it fun and he encouraged me to sing. He signed me up to 'render an item' when I was about 8. I held a mic for the first time. I heard my voice. I liked it,” she tweeted.