POET and rapper Njabz is on a mission to teach people through his new book and upcoming album.

The musician, whose real name is Njabulo Malata, launched his book #Vote4WordSmiths last Sunday.

Speaking to SunBuzz, Njabz said the book is taken from his upcoming album, which has the same title.

“The book is basically the lyrics from my upcoming album.

“Since not everyone is a fan of hip-hop, I wanted to publish a book version. It will have all the lyrics and the background stories to each song, which will explain what I was seeing and going through at the time I wrote the song.

The 32-year-old from Mapetla in Soweto said his album, which will be released later this year, will tackle the struggles of life.

Njabz said: “The message I’ll be spreading through this new album is the story of our lives as artists from Soweto.

“I’ll be speaking about the black man’s struggle and about being a father.

“I’ll also talk about the unemployment rate, racism, police brutality, xenophobia, and social ills such as drug problems and rape as well as the stigma of albinism.

“I’m also trying to come up with solutions, and I hope this work can be like a cure for the world.”


He said through his project, he was inspired to start an initiative called the Flip The Page Effect.

“This campaign is about putting local writers on the map permanently. By encouraging them to write and publish their work, we get more people interested in reading books.

“I believe that everyone would be interested in reading books written by people they know,” he said.

“So if people can, they must please write and publish it, even if it’s just at the local library, so more people can be interested in reading,” said Njabz.