LIMPOPO businessman Moruti Gucci wants Mzansi to know he’s alive and well.

The entertainer, who’s known for always rocking Gucci attire, said there was a misunderstanding between his friends.

A video of him in a river was making the rounds on social media and soon after, another video of another man held by a crocodile trended.

His followers assumed it was him.

In the first video Moruti Gucci, known for always chanting “chepi chepi”, was praying with a stick in his hand.

The second video was of a crocodile holding a person’s leg. The rest of the body was underwater and wasn’t visible.

Soon after that video was shared, his fans sent messages of condolences, but some didn’t believe it was him.


Speaking to Daily Sun, Moruti said his fans must relax.

“There was a misunderstanding, I am fine. I went to that river to pray and later on, my friends followed me. They happened to see a crocodile that was holding a leg and they thought it was my leg. So they took a video, went back to their cars and started telling people I was eaten by a crocodile,” he said.

“But it obviously wasn’t me that they saw, but they had already shared the video. However, I’m fine, my friends are also fine. Nobody got hurt,” he continued.

Moruti said they don’t know who the victim was.