Singer and dancer Moonchild Sanelly has spoken out about being raped in Joburg. She also revealed how an uncle sexually assaulted her and when she went to report it to the cops, they told her to go home and sort it out as a family. 

Moonchild also  said she was continuously molested by her younger cousin while growing-up. 

"One time I was sexually harassed by my uncle and went to report it with my friend Maps. The cops both male and Women asked me what was I wearing and why did I dance with my uncle and that I should go home and talk about it with my family. They took me in the van and drove me home

"When I was younger my cousin Mbali would come for holidays! Every holiday he would touch my vagina and teach me to French kiss! I kept quite thinking I was doing something wrong. Didn’t realize until I was older that I had been protecting a molester! I can’t say he’s doing good,"