AFRO house and reggae artist Mogau Mashiloane’s music career is slowly booming.

The 23-year-old from Lebowakgomo in Limpopo is passionate about music, and fulfilling her music dream is one of her biggest goals.

The singer recently released her first album, the seven-track Sthandwa Sam.

The album features songs such as Sthandwa Sam, Khayalam and Deeper in Love.

The talented Mogau told SunBuzz: “The project means a lot to me, and I believe it will motivate people through the messages behind the songs I composed.”

She said the success of her album has taught her that hard work pays off, despite challenges.


“I’ve also learnt that there’s no ‘too late’ in something you love or have a passion for,” she said.

“I believe this project, if it succeeds, will serve as a key that opens many doors for me in this industry.

“As a young artist, I believe my work will set a good example to many young up-and-coming artists that it’s never too late to achieve their long-held dreams.

“It’s crucial that we believe in ourselves and bring on board what will make our fans happy.”

Mogau said she’s looking forward to taking the industry by storm.

“I believe in myself, and the fact that everything is possible pushes me to greener pastures,” she said.

She said completing the Sthandwa Sam project was not easy, but she’s glad she finally achieved one of her goals.

“I had to work day and night to ensure my final product is well built,” she said.

Mogau said her gradually widening fan base means everything to her, which is why she always ensures that she composes songs that will make them happy.

“Being able to make music that people relate to gives me motivation to work harder,” she said.

“My focus this year will be on shooting a music video for the album.”

Mogau said singing at church and school boosted her talent.

“Singing at church and school indeed gave me the confidence to take my career seriously and strike it big in this industry,” she said.

She admitted that becoming an established artist takes a lot of hard work.

“Just like other well-known artists, I want to see my music being played across the world and winning awards,” she said.