MASKANDI singer Mnqobi Yazo is spreading his wings.

The musician, whose real name is Mnqobi Msimango from KwaMaphumulo in KZN, is set to make his debut on 1Magic’sThe River.Mnqobi, who sings a mix of maskandi and Afro pop and recently released an album, , learnt more about the acting industry while on set.

He told SunBuzz that although his character, named Steven, would not appear every day, he’ll still be making his mark on the show.

“As a musician who has worked hard to create a name in the music industry, I’ve gained more exposure by getting the opportunity of acting,” said Mnqobi.

“Now I’m waiting to watch myself on television.

“I’m happy because my entertainment career is looking good now.


“I’ll be happy to continue developing my acting skills and take it as my second career.

“I’m grateful to get an opportunity in the acting industry to showcase my other talents,” he said.

Mnqobi said acting is not difficult for him because it’s part of art, which he loves.

“I grew up loving all activities that involve art.

“I was a part of many scathamiya groups.

“I once sang hip hop before my original unique sounds came in. I will not say I’m singing Afro pop, Afro soul or hip hop, but I will say I’m singing the African rhythm.”

Mnqobi said he titled his second album Impi because he realised the journey to success is not easy, but people need to fight like they are in wars.

He said he was grateful to his mum for supporting his journey in the entertainment industry.

Mngobi also acted on Moja Love’s Erased, which airs every Sunday at 10pm.