FORMER Big Brother contestant Pokello Nare has divided people on social media.

When she wrote: “Women are naturally expensive, so choose the female in your price range,” men were not impressed with her post.

Daily Sun asked SunReaders if they supported her.

Many women agreed.

  • Brilliant Malale said: “True. Date the kind of lady you can afford.”
  • Kay Selisho said: “All the men who are annoyed by Pokello’s advice because they’re broke and stingy, will joke about going to Swaziland when they can’t even afford to date one woman.”
  • Qocwa Jojo said: “People can’t be classified into price ranges. Respect and values should be how we view each other, not price tags.”
  • Bisimwa Makanishe said: “Date and marry women within their price range? Some women believe they can be produced, sold, bought and consumed.