AWARD-WINNING rapper Mawat has brought together different Mzansi artists for his new single, Love Is The Answer.

The song featuring Grammy-award winning Soweto Gospel Choir, Lebo Sekgobela, Mariechan and Masandi was released last month.

Mawat told SunBuzz: “It’s about love and unity. So many things are going on because of hate.

“Since love is the opposite, I figured if I sing about how important it is, people will love one another and things will change.

“We need to love one another, regardless of colour.”


He has always wanted to produce a big song and was happy it’s a success.

“This is a dream. I’ve been challenging myself to produce a big song to show I’m more than just a rapper. Hence I worked with these artists. I knew they’d make the song bigger and add different qualities to the it.”

He said he’s working on the song with the Solidarity Fund. “The fund heard the song and asked to work with me. So I am not benefiting. Everything made by the song helps Covid-19 patients and GBV victims.”

Mawat is also working on a big project.

“I’ve been wanting to drop it, but Love Is The Answer keeps getting bigger. Hopefully I’ll drop it this year. It’s going to break the music space,” he said.