MASKANDI artist Sgwebo Sentambo has apologised to Ukhozi FM producer Ayanda Melansi for insulting her in a video clip.

In May, Daily Sun reported that the video clip was making the rounds on social media.

In the video, Sentambo insults Melansi because she named her dogs after maskandi artists.

She wrote in a Facebook post: “I had five dogs. Their names were Mfazomnyama, Mgqumeni, Nyonemhlophe, Ntencane and Sgwebo Sentambo. I sold two dogs, Mgqumeni and Sgwebo, and I’m now left with three.”

The post angered maskandi artists and their fans and Sentambo retaliated with an insulting video clip.

Melansi then apologised to maskandi artists and fans.


“It wasn’t my intention to hurt you,” she’d said in her apology.

She later opened a case of crimen injuria against Sentambo. This led to maskandi fans and organisations accusing her of making an insincere apology.

However, Sentambo backed down and apologised on Monday, 7 June.

“I’d like to thank everyone who supported me during this challenging time.

“I’d also like to apologise to all maskandi fans as well as Ayanda Melansi for insulting her.

“I was angry and it shouldn’t have happened. I’m aware she’s also apologised and I accept her apology. I hope she forgives me, too.”

He decided to apologise because he didn’t want to make something that wasn’t very important a major issue.

Sentambo said he’d not met or communicated with Melansi.

“I’m not sure if she’ll withdraw the case or not. I guess that’s entirely up to her,” he said.

Melansi said she’d not seen the apology.

“Nothing has changed from my side. All I know is that he insulted me,” she said.