THE daughter of Generations: The Legacy actress Manaka Ranaka, Naledi, welcomed her teens in style.

This comes after her famous mother pulled out all the stops to ensure she has a memorable birthday when she turns 13 recently.

From popcorn dispensers, tents to colourful decor, the award-winning actress left nothing to chance as she invited Naledi’s friends and hosted the mother of all parties for her.

“This was an experience that Naledi Ranaka and her friends will never forget. This was just the perfect cherry on top,” she said on her Instagram.


The star, who was present with her boyfriend at the event, posted several pictures of the party she threw for her daughter on Instagram.

Manaka, who has a son with actor boyfriend Ntuthuko Mdletshe, recently had an interview with Daily Sun in which she said she didn’t want her children to grow up subscribing to gender roles because she doesn’t subscribe to such.

“There’s nothing special about men, so I don’t want my kids seeing gender roles. I want my kids to always know there are no gender roles and they mustn’t look at people based on that. They must just see human beings,” she said.

Manaka, who is a mother of three, said she was enjoying every minute of being a mum again although it wasn’t anything new to her.