FORMER Real Housewives of Johannesburg (RHOJ) stars have bagged their own reality show!

Evodia Mogase, who is popularly known as Madam, and her daughter Mercy will star in their new show called Madam and Mercy.

Although the start date of the show is still unknown, it will air on Mzansi Magic.

Speaking to Daily Sun, Mercy said she and her mum wanted to have a reality show, especially after being on the Real Housewives of Johannesburg.

“After the reunion, I really wanted to do another show, but with just me and Madam. When I told her about this idea, she said she enjoyed recording the show and would be keen on doing another one. So we teamed up with some of the people we worked with on RHOJ and made this magical show. As someone inspired by the Kardashians, I am happy to finally get my own show,” she said.

Mercy said people should expect to see the glamorous and not so glamorous part of their lives.

“People will see the reality of life. From women issues to personal and health issues. But most importantly, they will see how women support each other and what family means.

“We’ll have our closest friends and family in the show. So people will see the kind of relationships we have with other people,” said Mercy.

She said the reason they were doing the show was to inspire people.

Mercy said: “We want people to learn from our story. We want to show that people go through the same things, regardless of who they are. Through the show, they will know that nobody is perfect. We’re all trying to get through life.”