TV PRESENTER Luyanda Potwana has received new stripes and a crown.

On Thursday, 21 October, he announced on social media that he received imvumakufa and intambo enkulu yobugqirha.

“I got some new spiritual stripes and a crown this past weekend. Imvumakufa ne ntambo enkulu yobugqirha. Chosi camagu,” wrote the former Nyan ‘Nyan host.

Luyanda told Daily Sun this was the second phase of his ancestral calling.

“This is the second stage of becoming a traditional healer. Imvumakufa means I am committing to die to self.

“It means I am going to do the will of God and that of my ancestors as far as the ancestral calling.

“It is the most important ritual and certification in this journey.

“It means I’ve been given a licence or certificate to become a traditional doctor. There are some important things in this journey that can only be done by someone with intambo yobugqirha,” he explained.

But, he admitted that he was far from reaching the end of the journey.

“My journey is far from over. Many stages still need to be followed. In actual fact, no one can say when I will be finished.

“It will all depend on my ancestral guidance. Anything I do in this journey is guided by iThongo. Therefore, there are no timelines,” he said.

Luyanda is juggling his day-to-day work with his ancestral journey. He is also a BSc student at the University of London.

“I’m not bothered because I want all of these things badly. Being a traditional doctor is my calling and I can’t run away from it. I am blessed with special powers to heal people, and I have no other choice but to do what I’m called for.”

On social media, Siyanda Bakubaku congratulated Luyanda.

“I respect you for this journey,” commented Siyanda.

Zozo Zoliswa wrote: “Let there be light. Let blessings be upon you.”

Veronica Qunta said: “Camagu mtaneThongo. I wasn’t expecting this, but I’m happy it’s happening. All the best and congratulations.”