Liyana is a multi-award-winning documentary that follows a number of orphaned Swazi children as they develop a story under the guidance of South African author and activist Gcina Mhlope. 

Gcina Mhlophe

 Mam Gcina Mhlophe

Their narrative stars a fictional young girl, Liyana, as she embarks on a journey to rescue her younger twin brothers from kidnapping with her pet bull, and overcomes various challenges along the way. As the students develop their tale, the live action documentary is interspersed with animated scenes depicting Liyana's adventure.

Liyana  was executive produced by Emmy winner Thandie Newton (Westworld), produced by Oscar winner Daniel Junge (Saving Face), and edited by Davis Coombe (Chasing Coral, Chasing Ice). South African Emmy nominee Philip Miller (The Girl, Miners Shot Down) composed the score, a fusion of both Western and traditional Swazi instrumentation. Since it's release in 2017, this film has won a total of 35 awards, including Best Documentary at Los Angeles Film Festival and the Grand Prize at New York International Children’s Film Festival. 

The documentary is available to view on Showmax.