MISS Teen Universe South Africa finalist Lethuxolo Mthimunye plans to help her community if she wins the title.

The 17-year-old from Kriel in Mpumalanga said she realises that a lot of young, talented people need help.

Speaking to SunBuzz, Lethu­xolo said: “If I do win this pageant, I’ll use my title to start a fundraising campaign.

“The campaign will aim to help young people from Kriel.

“There are a lot of talented people in my town, but there are few opportunities.

“So I want to empower them, help them get a step closer to their dreams.”

Lethuxolo said she believes the pageant will also help her as an individual.

“I believe pageants are there to help us develop our skills, talents and discipline by providing empowerment and coaching,” she said.

“I am interested in growth and by taking this huge step, I’m putting myself in a challenging situation that I believe will help me for future endeavours,” she said.


The beauty queen, who is currently in matric, said this pageant has taught her how to balance things.

Lethuxolo said: “I’ve learnt a lot from this pageant. It has helped me realise the mistakes I’ve made in previous pageants.

“We’ve been taught how to balance life, work and school and it’s been amazing.

“For now, my mum Phumzile is taking care of my social media and everything else.

“I’m focusing on my upcoming exams and I am glad the pageant offers us an opportunity to focus on our studies.”

She said she hopes to join Miss South Africa and hopefully Miss Universe in future.

Miss Teen Universe South Africa will be held next year.