MZANSI DJ and radio personality, Lamiez Holworthy, said she’s shocked at how mean people on social media can be.

In a recent Facebook post, she said: “Someday when we’re all ready, we must unpack why it’s so much easier for us to hate instead of embrace each other.

“We must unpack how or why some people hide behind their keyboards, bitter and angry, and try to inflict their insecurities on others.

“Kana bareng? Tshenye gae pone makopo? Or is it a case of wanting to make people as miserable as you are?”

She said the hurtful comments needed to stop.

“We must make peace with the fact that we can’t continue that way – seo ga se bophelo Samma! Ka hana!

“We must realise just how much better the world would be if we all genuinely spread love, worked hard and focused on ourselves.

“And if that’s so hard to do, then at least save yourself the time, data and energy and IGNORE. That’s all.”


In her follow-up post, she made it clear this wasn’t about her. She was just surprised by the level of hatred.

“Hey, guys. It’s not even about me. I made peace with the fact there’s darkness wherever there’s light.

“And because my light is as bright as it is, I’d be crazy to focus on the negative when God and my ancestors are so active.

“But also, when I’m genuinely surrounded by sooooo much love (don’t let a few posts fool you – Kea ratiwa, and that’s what keeps me going).

“This is deeper than just me – I just fail to understand how hate comes so easily. But also how no one sees anything wrong with such. It’s alarming that it is becoming a norm.”

Her fans agreed with her, saying people are generally hurt.

Diphapang Malope wrote: “Lamiez Holworthy, it’s because we’re hurt and bleeding. . . Hurt people hurt others. We need to heal.”

Nomfundo Bhengu said: “It’s a mental war. We’re at war with ourselves.”

Tshepo Wa Urbnature commented: “I believe we spread into the world what we feel inside. No happy, peaceful and content person goes around spreading negativity and misery.”