ACTRESS Khabonina Qubeka will join Generations: The Legacy where she will play a diplomat named Oby.

“I’ve always wanted to be part of the show, but the opportunity never presented itself.

“I told myself  that one day, eventually when I join I want it to be powerful and impactful  because I love and respect the show, it is one of the show that groomed us and inspired us to be who we are today.

"I would also  like to applaud Mfundi Vundla for holding down the forth as tough as it may be currently in the industry, he ensure that the story continues and actors get work,” she told Daily Sun.

Khabonina described her character as charming, mysterious and eloquent.

“I’ve been preparing for this role for a very long time. She has a certain power, which makes her exciting to play,” she said.

“I did a lot of research and finding ways to make her relatable. The moment some actors hear that a character is from outside of South Africa, they tend to mimic the accent. I decided to shy away from that because it can land one in a lot of trouble, so I kept her simple yet respectful and powerful because she is well respected where she comes from.

"I can't wait for the viewers at home to meet her and I hope the people at home will resonate well with her.”

Khabonina, who’s been part of productions such as Isidingo, Muvhango and Uzalo, explained why she didn’t jump on any character she was given.

“Not that I think I’m better but in life you go past jumping for every role. I decline characters on shows because the story doesn’t make sense to me and I cannot be truthful to them, as that can show on screen,” she said.

Besides her booming acting career, Khabonina told Daily Sun she was also focusing on her business, Kha’Natural.