Real Housewives of Durban's Kgomotso Ndungane has come to Nonku Williams’ defence and has pleaded with Mzansi to stop cyberbullying her.

This follows the backlash that Nonku has been getting after her family demanded that Sifiso Ncwane’s widow, Ayanda, rectify her late husbands’ mistakes by paying damages.

Kgomotso, who wasn’t part of the reunion episodes due to personal reasons, took to her Instagram account to defend Nonku.

This wasn’t the first time she’s defended Nonku. On the show, she defended her when the other ladies said she wasn’t a great host.


In a lengthy post, Kgomotso said people should start voicing things in a positive manner.

“A lot of people have come on different platforms and said the most horrendous things about Nonku and her family. You know what, good people? Real Housewives of Durban is just a show.

“Let’s not condemn people like this. To use social media platforms and have such hateful opinion that doesn’t get debated to move the ball forward is soul-shattering, especially when you don’t even know the people.”

She said she won’t tolerate bullying on her social media platforms as it’s a private account.

Kgomotso revealed that should there be a season 2 of the show, she won’t join.