A VIDEO of Trevor Noah comparing Julius Malema to American President Donald Trump has been removed from social media.

The video, which first aired on Noah’s The Daily Show, was removed from the show’s Twitter account on Saturday, only a day after it was posted.

It was posted with a caption reading: “Julius Malema talks about genocide like he’s remodelling his kitchen. If you think Trump is bad, meet South Africa’s anti-establishment politician.”

The video featured clips from as far back as 2010. Malema responded by saying it was part of their campaign plan.

Tumi Sole tweeted: “Julius is the Donald Trump of Mzansi? Ya neh! Call it what you want, but Trevor perpetuates the AfriForum fearmongering that there’s white genocide in South Africa.”

Tumelo Mapaa tweeted: “Trevor Noah is actually doing more damage to our African reputation by perpetuating African stereotypes. Julius Malema is not my favourite but this is unacceptable. All this for a few white laughs?”

Matome Kay tweeted: “The likes of Chris Hani and Steve Biko, among others, died because of people who thought of them like Trevor Noah is talking about Julius Malema. Trevor needs to start thinking carefully about his jokes.”