THERE’S a new show on the block and Sundays just got better.

For the first time last night, popular television channel Moja Love, aired their drama filled show, You promised to marry me.

The show, which delivered more drama than “Rakgadi’ at the funeral of her brother, is hosted by seasoned presenter Jub Jub. It’s about partners who have wasted their significant other’ time by promising them that they will marry them, but instead they left them and married someone else.

The show exposes dishonesty and making promises that you can’t keep while in a relationship with someone else.

The first episode caused a frenzy as Jub Jub interrupted a wedding and brought another bride, along with her brides maids, who was promised marriage by the groom.

But things took a dramatic turn when the seeking bride was humiliated.

From the reactions it seems like Mzansi is loving the new show.

Some even said it seems like in the near future Jub Jub will be pitching with parents at the clubs to fetch their children.

“Jub Jub is gonna end up coming with our parents at the groove coming to fetch us manje,” a tweep said,

Another tweep was shocked that Jub Jub even had bride maids: “Jub Jub even organised bridesmaids & groomsmen

She’s even wearing lesira!”