INNO Matijane has depression.

And the reality TV star and social media sensation said he was even considering ending his life.

The 22-year-old, who shot to fame with his catchy videos, said his family wasn’t there for him and he felt alone.

“I feel like committing suicide because of the things I’ve been going through even before my mother’s passing,” he said.

“I lost my job, friends and apartment.”

He said he had to be responsible for his mum’s medical expenses when she fell ill.

“I even sold my Mercedes-Benz. Nobody in my family supported me. I didn’t have money to bury her,” he said.

Inno, who starred on the reality show The Way Ngingakhona on MojaLove, said losing his mum made his anguish worse.

“I expected my family to be there for me during this time,” said an emotional Inno.

“But they’re not even bothering to check up on me.

“I’m not okay. I also tried to go to my father’s family.

“But I moved out because I could see I wasn’t welcome.”

He said contrary to what some people might think of him, he’s broke and doesn’t have money.

Inno promised that he would seek help and make his mum proud.