THE drama between rapper and reality TV star Gigi Lamayne and socialite Innocentia “Inno” Morolong is far from over.

Gigi has revealed that she is going ahead with the lawsuit against the influencer despite them going live on social media on Wednesday, 25 November declaring peace.

Gigi said: “The most powerful thing I can do is tell the truth. I’ve been threatened with explicit content sent to her apparently by my ex-boyfriend, who wants to destroy me,” she said.

“The video you saw of me saying ‘chomi’ etc was just blackmail. I should’ve just told the truth. I’m sorry it came to this. I’m going to have to continue with a case with additional charges. I know better now and I’m sorry.”

Speaking to Daily Sun, Inno revealed that she indeed has Gigi’s sex tape, and that’s why the rapper launched the lawsuit against her because she is afraid she might release it.


However, Inno said she won’t release it because she doesn’t want to be in trouble with the law.

“I am going to show her and delete it,” she revealed.

All this drama between the two media personalities come after Inno insulted the award-winning rapper, claiming she stole her man.

After that Gigi launched a lawsuit against the influencer.

She responded to Inno through her lawyer and said the statements she made were offending, unwarranted and an infringement on her constitutional right to dignity.

“These statements or videos were clearly intended to be widely circulated with the intention of humiliating and further undermining her reputation given her high public profile,” read the lawyer’s letter seen by Daily Sun.

The letter also revealed that the statements have caused irreparable reputational harm to Gigi’s dignity and career.