LIFE has been hard and all he wants to do is dance!

Things were so bad he moved back with his family.

Now Mackson Tholo, popularly known as Tsekeleke, wants to dance to make a living.

The 35-year-old dancer and house musician from Mabopane, north of Tshwane, said it was painful to live without money.

He said life has become hard after parting ways with Dr Malinga.

“I’m living from hand to mouth and people are taking advantage of me.”

He said he sometimes performs at taverns, where the owners pay him little or nothing.

“I’m suffering and need urgent help.

“I am willing to dance for anyone.”

Tsekeleke said loving fashion and women cost him his life and left him with no money.

He said he was looking for any help.

“I’ve struggled a lot and life is not good if you don’t have an income,” he said.

In December he released an album, Don’t be Shy.

Tsekeleke’s first manyalo album Basadi Ba Nkgana Bohle was released in 2000, followed by Go Tla Loka in 2005. His last manyalo album Kelapile Kelapile was released in 2018.

Producer Anthony Kgalema (35), said Tsekeleke had talent but people used him.

“People should stop taking advantage of him.”

He said Tsekeleke needed help.