AWARD-WINNING maskandi star Mdumazi “Igeza Lendalo” Mhlongo aims to take maskandi music to another level.

He now has three bands, all of which have a different take on music and its delivery.

Mdumazi from Mtubatuba, northern KZN, has released five albums with the Mdumazi Band established in 2014, and did one album with his second band Igeza Lendalo in 2018.

The 25-year-old guitarist has introduced his third band, Amagoso. Amagoso is Zulu for traditional dance leaders.

On Tuesday Mdumazi dropped Amagoso’s new debut single eBotswana, featuring Culture Spears from Botswana.

He told SunBuzz his aim was to showcase unique talent and develop the maskandi genre.

“It’s time for maskandi music to develop and maskandi artists to stop teasing each other.

“We should feature artists from other countries, like I recently did.

“My dream is to use maskandi as a tool to unite various nations.

“Last year I visited Botswana and was surprised that they knew me and my music.

“I was well-received and saw a need to do a song featuring their group.

“The song is a mix of maskandi and Tswana music.”


The former member of Abasokhalweni, in which he was in a duo with concertina player Mgojeli Ncube, said he was testing the waters with the single.

He said he’ll only release a full album next month.

“The album is done and dusted, but I needed to introduce it to my fans through a single.” said Mdumazi.

He said because of lockdown his fans would only get to enjoy the Amagoso album in the festive season.

“My plan was to release Amagoso during the Easter holidays, but I was interrupted by Covid-19,” he said.

“When things are back to normal Amagoso will be released next Easter, Igeza Lendaloduring the year, and Mdumazi during the festive season.”