SEASON 16 Idols SA winner Zama Khumalo has finally received her prize car.

Speaking to Daily Sun, Zama said: “When I finally got the car I was excited. I didn’t know it would take long to get it.

“I thought it would just be a few weeks. I also needed to get my driver’s licence first.”

The Mpumalanga-born singer said the Toyota Starlet was like her baby, and she beamed with joy whenever she saw it.

“My family is just as excited. We all went to the dealership to fetch it. After I took it out I let my dad drive it.

“He was really proud. We feel blessed as it’s been a while since we had a car at home.”


Zama, who became an instant millionaire when she won in 2020, received the money.

“I’m yet to build the home I promised my parents.

“My dad told me to use the money to kickstart my career and stand on my own feet. I’ll fulfil my promise.”

Zama said she’s not started work on her debut album.

“Right now, we’re discussing the logistics of making a music video for my debut single, Ndizobizwa. After that I’ll start with the album.”

Winning Idols SA changed her life.

“It’s been beautiful, challenging and overwhelming at the same time.

“I went from being unknown to being a superstar. I’m grateful for the support and love.”