IDOLS SA star Sneziey wouldn’t let people’s expectations control her life.

The season 15 runner-up said: “There was a time where people said a lot of things. Some even went as far as saying that I should have a car because I’m a superstar.

“But that didn’t shake me because growing up, gogo used to tell me to be where God put me. I don’t even respond to people’s expectations of me. And I avoided depression by doing that,” said Sneziey.

Sneziey, whose real name is Snenhlanhla Msomi, said she is happy with where she is and the state of her music career.

“People think they have the entitlement of having opinions about a person who is a public figure. They forget that everyone has priorities. My life and career are controlled by God not by people who want me to live according to their standards.

“I’m happy with my career because I compete with no one. I believe that my career is where God wants it to be,” said Sneziey.


Her gospel album titled Izulu earned a Sama nomination this year.

The song she did with Zandie Khumalo and Umzumbe Inspirational Choir titled Still Grateful is playing on radio and TV music channels.

Talking about the song, she said her manager DJ Kotini sent her a song saying Zandie would like to collaborate with her in releasing it.

“I was happy because I relate to this song. I will always be grateful for what God has and is still doing for me. And I’m grateful for the gift of my voice. Being featured on this song is a beautiful thing that had happened to me. After all the country has gone through, people losing their jobs because of Covid-19 and artists suffering amid this pandemic, we should all be grateful for the gift of life,” said Sneziey.