ALL she knew was that she’s a great singer and gives a stunning stage performance that leaves the crowd asking for more. But what she didn’t know is the acting talent she has.

Gospel star Hlengiwe Mhlaba said after she aced her Aunt Jumay’ma role on The River, she’s thinking of adding more to her craft.

“I didn’t know that I’m such a good actress. I thought singing is the only thing I know and good at. I’ve always felt like a singer, but after seeing myself acing Aunt Jumay’ma role, I now feel like an artist,” she said.

In her role, she plays a no nonsense rural aunt who is not getting along with Zodwa, who is played by Winnie Ntshaba.


Mhlaba said she didn’t go to auditions for the role, but was approached by the show.

“They explained the role. I was clueless but I decided to grab the opportunity,” said Mhlaba.

The singer has also appeared more than once on Uzalo.

She said she learnt that there was so much work that went into shooting the scenes.

“Viewers only see the glamorous end product. They don’t know how much work is put behind the scenes. It’s too much yet exciting. This TV gig has encouraged me to consider acting as my second career. It has encouraged me to try my luck by going to auditions,” said Mhlaba.