UKHOZI FM DJ and actress Zimiphi “Zimdollar” Biyela has warned friends and fans to watch out for a Facebook hacker.

Zimdollar said someone was using her account to ask her Facebook friends for money. She was flooded with calls from friends asking how much she needed, while others wanted to know if it was really her asking for money.

She told Daily Sun she suspected the person who hacked her account knew her well.

“I’m surprised they managed to do this. If someone is asking for money using that account, it’s not me.”

“The hacker knows people I usually hang out with. What is painful is I’ve been locked out of my account and this person is asking people for money,” she said.

“I’ve been using my Facebook account with the name Zimiphi Biyela for a long time.

She was confused when people called her at work on Friday to say they had sent money via e-wallet.

“The hacker gave them another number. I’m happy some of my friends became suspicious and called me to confirm it was me,” she said.

Zimdollar said the person was asking for R500 a person and she didn’t know how many sent money.

“I’ve been forced to open a new Facebook account under the name Ntombizamadollar Biyela.

“I friend-requested my old account and the hacker accepted, but they don’t post anything,” she said.

Zimdollar said she didn’t report the matter to the cops as she wanted to warn her friends first.

“I never thought someone would use my name in this way,” she said.