THE Bible is mostly read by people who seek spiritual upliftment and connection.

But aspiring comedian Simunye “Church Boy” Sikhakhane finds tons of fun in it.

The 28-year-old uses the Holy Book’s verses to make people laugh. He records videos of his jokes and posts them on his Facebook page.

Simunye, a lay preacher in the Apostle Faith Mission Church in his home town of Empangeni, northern KZN, told SunBuzz he came up with the idea after realising that people thought the Bible was serious and boring.

“Many people don’t read it properly because they perceive it to be too serious. God is serious, yes, but He is not a boring God,” said Simunye.

“I don’t change Bible verses. I only make jokes out of them. This is because some of them are funny and the way some pastors preach is also funny.”

The father of one said his jokes were another way of spreading the word of God.

“Many people don’t like to go to church because they think church is boring. But they like my jokes. That’s probably why I have so many followers on Facebook. I have many people who follow me and God,” he said.

Simunye, who works as a technician in Tshwane in Gauteng, started making his video jokes in 2017.

“I posted one on Facebook and people asked me for more. As I continued to do this, I realised people loved them,” he said.

When his videos started trending on social media, he was inundated with bookings from people who wanted him to act as a comedian or master of ceremonies.

He’s planning to host a one-man comedy show in his home village.