GIGI LAMAYNE doesn’t take kindly to being insulted in public.

She has sent a letter of demand to socialite Innocentia “Inno” Morolong, who insulted her in a video.


The 27-year-old Gigi, who is a reality TV star, musician and a sangoma, launched the letter of demand after the businesswoman and influencer took to social media and insulted the award-winning rapper, claiming she stole her man and insulted her with highly contentious language.

Responding to the claims made by Inno through her lawyer, Gigi said the statements made by Inno were offending, concerning, unwarranted and an infringement on her constitutional right to dignity.

“These statements or videos were clearly intended to be widely circulated with the intention of humiliating and further undermining her reputation given her high public profile,” read the lawyer’s letter seen by Daily Sun.

The letter also revealed that the statements have caused irreparable reputational harm to Gigi’s dignity and career.

SPITTING FIRE: Rapper Gigi Lamayne (left) is angry with popular social influencer, Innocentia ‘Inno’ Morolong (right). Photos from Instagram

“Immediately remove or delete all such offensive and defamatory statements and videos that you have posted which makes reference to our client, specifically the videos on your Instagram account and other social media accounts.”

According to Gigi’s lawyers, they were giving the socialite a day to act and should she fail to do so, it will leave them with no choice but to issue legal proceeding in the High Court to seek relief against her for contributing to offensive and defamatory conduct.

“In addition to the above, in the event that you fail to act in accordance to our clients demands, we are instructed to issue summons claiming R1 million occasioned by the reputational damage cause by your offensive and defamatory statements,” the letter of demand read.

Daily Sun tried to speak to Gigi. Her PR manager Bulie Nazo said they weren’t commenting further.

Inno has since revealed that her Instagram account was suspended due to policy violation as she was swearing during a LIVE feed.

Speaking to Daily Sun, Inno said that she and Gigi have squashed their beef and have reconciled.

“I am aware of the lawsuit. Gigi and I spoke in the morning. She is in the process of reversing the lawsuit, because we decided that all this hate in the industry as women is unnecessary,” said Inno.

“I acknowledge everything. I was angry and I said a lot of horrible things about her and I take them back. I apologised to her and she also apologised to me.”