MASKANDI artist Mbuzeni Mkhize is furious at colleague Khuzani Mpungose.

He said Khuzani owes him R9 500 for work he did on his 2017 album Isixaxa Samaxoki.

Speaking to Daily Sun, he said: “I was approached by Khuzani. He asked me to play guitar for him as he cannot play any instrument. I had no problem with his request as he is my brother in the music industry and I often play guitar for other artists.

“Our agreement was verbal and not formalised. We agreed I’d play on six songs and he would pay R10 000 for that work.”

According to Mbuzeni, Khuzani only paid him R500.

“I didn’t ask about the rest of the money because I thought he was broke or something, so I decided to give it time. This is the fifth year now and he has still not paid me.


“I wasn’t going to charge him interest but because of his stinking attitude, I am now demanding double the amount for wasting my time.”

He also accused Khuzani of swearing at him on his new album Inja Nogodo. “I am hurt because I am not involved in maskandi fights,” he said.

However, Khuzani denied he owed Mbuzeni money.

“I did hire him but it was only for my track Ngeke Ngihleke and not for six songs as he claims,” he said.

“Mbuzeni failed to play the guitar and I had to find someone else. Despite his failure, I paid him R500 as a token of appreciation. I am disappointed that he chose to go to the press instead of addressing the matter with me.”

Khuzani confirmed he referred to Mbuzeni on his latest album.

“I did not directly mention him but he must be happy I mentioned him, otherwise I would not be paying any money to him,” he said.