SINGER Dave Jayie has released his new single, Freeze.

This is a new high for the musician, who came into the spotlight as an artist ready to take over the local pop scene when he released his single SOS.

The Limpopo-born musician, whose real name is David Junior Moraba, told SunBuzz: “I took some time out and observed everything that has been happening in the past months as a result of the pandemic.

“I decided to make a feel-good song that will help people take their mind off things and build an escape for them, even if it is for that three minutes the song is playing.”

He said he enjoyed working on it, even though everything was done remotely.

“Working on the song was amazing and I had so much fun in the studio putting the song together, even though I couldn’t be in the same room as my producer and we had to do everything electronically,” he said.

“The process was kind of daunting but I’m glad we pulled it off, and happy with the product that we made, and I hope this song introduces me into the music industry on a larger scale.”


The 23-year-old, whose music career started at the peak of the pandemic, is set to release an album.

“The project has been in the works for quite some time now.

“It’s almost complete, and it can come out any time because we’ve already decided on which songs we’d like to include on the album.

“I don’t want to rush things right now. I want to focus on this new single and ensure it’s well distributed, so that when I finally release there’s an appetite for my music.

“The album is going to be different. It’s going to blow people away, and they’ll be surprised how versatile I can be, which is why I decided not to box myself into one genre, because I feel like everyone in the music industry sounds the same and I don’t want that. I want to bring something new to the table.”

Freeze is available on all digital platforms.