Actor Oros Mampofu has scored his first TV presenting gig.

Known for his roles on Skeem Saam, Grassroots, Igazi and recently, Rhythm City, Oros will be hosting Ghosted: Love Gone Missing.

The new show is coming to MTV Africa, which he will be hosting alongside presenter Shamiso Mosaka.

The show premieres on 16 August and will help people who have been ghosted – meaning those who were suddenly ignored by lovers, friends or family without explanation.

Guests will confront people to find out why they ghosted others.


Oros told SunBuzz he was excited about the opportunity.

“I have always wanted to be in front of the screen as a presenter because it’s about understanding the human condition. For me, it’s also about exploring what it means to be young and African,” said Oros.

“This is a great way to learn about us as a people and community, the challenges that the youth are facing, as well as how we can integrate as a people.

“I cannot wait for people to see me as a presenter,” he said.

The actor said people would enjoy the new show.

“People can expect excitement and a lot of energy. The African society is a very energy-filled community, and expressive.

“So, we can expect a lot more energy than what you would from other continents.

“You can also expect the show to be more fast-paced, compact and playful,” he said.

Oros was grateful to land a TV gig shortly after Rhythm City was canned, where he was playing the character of Banele on the soapie.

“I’m very grateful for landing something after Rhythm City.

“I think 2021 has been a very great year for me and my family.

“I’m not only grateful for landing Ghosted, but also for what I have in my life.

“With Covid-19, you realise how sensitive life is and how the things we take for granted can very easily be taken from us. So, I’m grateful for everything right now,” the actor said.

He said people were going to see more of him on TV.

  • Catch Ghosted: Love Gone Missing on MTV, (DStv channel 130) from Monday, 16 August at 9.30pm.