Actress Xolile Tshabalala has lashed out at Mzansi politicians.

In an Instagram video clip, the former Generations star accused them of looting the country.

“I just realised that we’re on our own. We don’t have good leaders. There’s a deficit of leadership in South Africa. Politicians are using us to shoot targets for their own gains,” she said.

Xolile said people should wake up and open their eyes.

“If we as the people don’t see the thugs and the looters that politicians are, we’ll never see that again. Politicians are sitting in the comfort of their own homes, using us while their children are being home schooled and are online. Their children are getting education, yet ours cannot because the schools are closed,” she said.

“Politicians have got nothing to do with us. Gone are days where we could use skin colour. When a black person does not have electricity, you can be assured that a white person, Indian, coloured person also does not have electricity. It’s not about skin colour any more. We are all suffering because of our politicians who want things for themselves,” she said.


She said white monopoly never made its people poor.

“White monopolies never destroyed their own buildings. They never destroyed their own universities. They never destroyed their own schools. As the black majority what have we done, we’ve had democracy for 27 years and we destroyed it within eight days.

“These rich people will be flying to Dubai, enjoying it. Let’s not forget that Dubai was once a desert but look at it today, the Arabs built it. Today it is one of the wonders of the world,” she said.

“What have we done except destroying the things we need the most. I’ve never heard a politician saying ‘I’m fighting for a lab or a black monopoly university’, at least show me that. In 27 years we could have done so much, but we’ve had politicians bringing us down.”

She said if Mandela were to wake up from his grave, he’d be in shock.

“This is unbelievable. This is a country that we thought was going up, but we are retrogressing and it’s all because of politicians who want power, money and greed. They are doing this in the comfort of their homes and using us in the process. Don’t allow them to use race because when there is no petrol, we are all affected. If you and I don’t wake up and stop this madness, we will wake up with no country. South Africans, wake up. We are on our own,” said Xolile.