WHEN Zoe Chibuye (13) from Hyde Park High received detention for her natural hair, she got nationwide support, even from some local stars.  Zoe said at the time she had been late for school when she was signing the register for late coming when she was told that she had go to detention, because her hair was “distracting and attention-grabbing”.

Veteran actress Florence Masebe was of the celebrities, who rallied behind Zoe, even posting her pictures on her social media. While some women prefer weaves to beautify themselves, the outspoken actress is following in Zoe’s steps by choosing to go the natural route – and she looks amazing with her new look.

 The star took to her Twitter account to post her natural look boasting about not using having used chemicals or comb on her hair. She Twitted: “My hair is beautiful. No comb. No heat. No chemicals”.