GAGASI FM presenter Felix Hlophe is against monogamy.

The presenter and comedian, who married Tracey Smith in 2018, made it clear he believed having just one partner was against African culture.

Speaking on the radio recently, he said: “Monogamy is one of the main reasons we have broken families and societies. It’s the reason we have fatherless children. It’s also the reason we have a high rate of divorce.”

When the SunTeam approached him for comment, he said he strongly believed monogamy was against his culture.

“This idea was introduced by Christianity a few decades ago. Our forefathers had multiple wives and as a result, our children grew up with both parents around,” he said.

Felix said animals didn’t practise monogamy and humans were working against nature.

Cultural expert Themba Masinga agreed with Felix but said culturally, only men could have multiple partners.

“One of the reasons is that women are not allowed to have sex, cook or even do the laundry while they’re on their periods,” he said.