Trompies band member Eugene Mthethwa has released a new album titled Let Dogs Lie Low.

Speaking to SunBuzz, Eugene, who hasn’t released new music in ages, said it’s time for him to reclaim his spot in the music industry.

“I’ve been laying low and not releasing music for many years to a point where people think that I’m not musical at all and all I am good at is complaining. But that’s not true. I was waiting for the right time,” he said.

The musician said working on the album was amazing.

“Working on the album was such a great and humbling experience. I even got the chance to work with my children on some of the songs. We’re a very musical family and that’s one of the reasons I’m always fighting against the issues in the music industry,” said Eugene.

“My children have the same calling as me and I want them to get into an industry that is safe for them.”


The 54-year-old father said the album is amazing and people will love it as it has a song for everyone.

The award-winning artist also said that he now goes by a new stage name.

He said people can now refer to him as Simply Eugene.

He was previously known as Donald Dada

“I’m rebranding myself as I have overgrown the Donald Dada brand,” he said.

He said that the only thing that’s left for him is to leave a legacy behind.

“We are old now and I need to leave a legacy behind for my children who have a strong musical interest, which is why I started my label War Fam.

“My kids are signed under it and they’ll never forget that it was started by their dad,” he said.

The newly rebranded musician said he’s grateful for the support from the SABC.

“I am grateful to the SABC for its support of the launch, particularly because of the hardships that artists have endured during the pandemic. They’ve committed their resources and facilities to ensure that artists like myself can launch their projects successfully,” he said.